I Got Tested for COVID-19, and This Is What You Should Know About It

Tami Shaikh
5 min readMay 28, 2020

Yes, I got tested for COVID-19.

Every few weeks, I have been getting sick with the same symptoms- fever, dry cough, headaches, and fatigue. So I finally decided to write to my doctor and ask what to do. I sent a long email, explaining that I was sure I didn’t have the virus because- well, because I didn’t have all the symptoms, and I was healthy. I work for a non-profit; my job is to save others, not get sick myself. Somewhere in the long explanatory email, I gave out my symptoms of sleeping 15 hours a day and the rest. After a few hours, I had an email pop up from Kaiser Permanente, saying that they had very efficiently set up a phone appointment for me for the next morning. I was impressed! My phone appointment was at 10 am, and at 9:30, while I was on a Zoom call, my phone starts ringing, and the name “Kaiser doctor”(as I had saved the number in my phone)showed up on my iPhone screen. I masterfully clicked the “leave meeting” button on Zoom and picked up the phone.
“Hi, this is Dr. (I honestly don’t remember his name!)”
From there on, we had a 15 min conversation, and he asked tons of questions. The doctor then concluded that I needed to get tested for COVID-19.
“Say what?” was my response.
“Yes I have put in a referral you can go to the drive-thru testing center, try to go soon.”
And the conversation was over.
I got up and woke up my teenage son to drive me to the Kaisar hospital nearby where the tests were being administered. I had no clue what to expect. We drove down there me in my NASA Tshirt and matching black mask, while my son half asleep as I dragged him out of bed to take me. We arrived at the parking lot, and there were about 40 cars in front of us. The line was on the wrong side of the street that led us into Kaisar’s covered parking structure via a massive and empty parking lot for Fry’s Electronics.

It took us about an hour to get close to a small blue and white canopy, which was right before the entrance of the…



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