Faces of Quarantine- One Virus Many Faces

Tami Shaikh
2 min readApr 16, 2020

(Anonymous from India)

I am feeling a little anxious, with the lockdown. I think one of my primary concerns is, of course, the safety of my family, and also I want to make sure that I have everything available to take care of my them. I am also thankful for this time because I get to spend a lot of time with my family; we get to do many things together, including chores, etc.
I definitely appreciate our Prime Minister Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Thakeray, for enforcing the lockdown and sealing Maharashtra state borders to reduce the spread of the disease. Mumbai citizens are following the orders and staying indoors. Even when we go to buy essentials, the police ensure that distance is maintained. Everyone has to keep arm’s length distance when they enter shops and in line when they are ready to pay.

I do feel empathy for daily wage workers in industries like hotels, construction sites, restaurants, etc. These people who were already suffering, and lived off the day to day wages now have no income. I worry about how they will feed their families and I hope they dont become homeless.

I believe that this phase shall pass soon, and once this is over, the world will be cautious about hugging strangers. Also, hopefully, be more appreciative of the smaller things in life and respect the people who risk their lives to bring us the daily essentials. It has made us realize that anything is possible, even with so much of advance technology and science, a small thing as a virus can bring the world to a standstill.

Now the streets look like a ghost town. Before the virus, the streets were buzzing with activity. During this quarantine period, at 6 pm sharp, a short prayer is announced on the microphone from the opposite building. Everyone from the surrounding buildings come to their windows, and we all pray together.

Tami Shaikh

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